Botanical Theme on a Budget – Mini Homeware Haul

Ever since my trip to Kensington Roof Gardens I’ve really been getting into the idea of all the large plants that are on trend at the moment. As a home-ware trend, it takes me back to my childhood in the 90s – there was always a few large plants around the house but this seemed to fall out of fashion in the early 00s. All I can say is that I’m glad the foliage frenzy is back! The only problem for me is that I have a kitten… a very curious kitten! So real plants aren’t an option for the time being.

That led me to start a hunt for artificial versions and had tried a variety of garden centres as well as stores such as Home Sense but with no joy – some places had nothing and others were way out of my price range unfortunately.

Low and behold, I visited my local The Range store this week and they are now stocking a selection of artificial plants such as bamboo, sugar cane, eucalyptus, succulents and trailing ivy! How exciting!


botanical theme


I decided to spruce up my home office space which is currently very plain. You’ll see from the pictures that I picked a couple of bamboo style plants, one large one and a small one for the desk. Everything in this theme is reasonably priced, not quite the quality of some other artificial plant retailers, but I doubt anywhere will be matching these prices.




I then headed to the wall art section and spotted these lovely matching frames. They’re quite quirky because the image is actually printed on the glass and to my delight… they were reduced to just £2.80 each! This probably means they are being discontinued so I’m glad I snapped them up in time.





I’m so much happier with the room now, it still needs a couple more things to bring it all together, maybe a cushion or throw for the chair and one or two ornaments but it’s 100% better already.


Also, If you’re not a fan of artificial and are looking for the real deal… I nipped into my local Homebase and they had some gorgeous large, leafy potted plants as well as small cactuses and succulents. Everything was reasonably priced and they had some lovely ornamental pots for them.

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