Shuffle the Music Tag – A Snippet of my Music Collection!


Thanks to M from The Young Culture for tagging me in the ‘Shuffle the Music’ tag. This tag was created by Life in a Blogshell.

This should be fun and hopefully lots of people are getting involved. Let’s face it, we’ve all got some dodgy songs in our collection!

So let’s get started –


  • Mention the creator of the tag and link to their blog.
  • Thank the person that nominated you for this tag and link to their blog as well.
  • Shuffle your entire music library (no matter how old songs the songs are) and talk about the FIRST FIFTEEN songs that come up (anything like why they are there, if they signify something, any story, why you like them etc.)
  • Mention the songs as well as the artists.
  • Tag 7 people or more to do this tag and please let them know!



  1. Linkin Park – Somewhere I Belong: Back in my high school days Linkin Park were one of my favourite bands and this song is still one of my favourites today. I remember them being one of those bands who everyone seemed to like but all in their own kind of way, some loved the rock vibe and some were reeled in because of the rapping.
  2. Take That – Back for Good: I’ve loved them from a very young age, they were huge when I was at primary school and have obviously made a huge comeback. I’ve seen them in concert a few times and would recommend it to anyone, they really do put on a good show.
  3. Bowling for Soup – Girl all the Bad Guys Want: Super cheesy song but I just can’t get rid of it, it always takes me back to my high school days 🙂
  4. Green Day – Deadbeat Holiday: I knew Green Day would appear on this list, they are my absolute favourite band so I’ve probably got hundreds of their songs on my iPhone.
  5. The Killers – Spaceman: The Killers are absolutely amazing, I feel like there is nobody else like them in the industry.
  6. The Kooks – Sofa Song: Another one of my favourite bands so knew they were likely to pop up. One of my all time favourite songs is Naive and I don’t even think I’d get bored of it if I had it on repeat for a whole day!
  7. Heart – Alone: These sort of rock ballad anthems are my guilty pleasure! I love anything like this or Chicago, REO Speedwagon, Toto, Marillion etc etc.
  8. Arctic Monkeys – When the Sun Goes Down: Still love it, it’s played all the time in my local pubs so it’s guaranteed to get me singing along after a drink or two!
  9. The Jam – Town Called Malice: I don’t think I’ve ever met someone who doesn’t like this song! (Comment below if you don’t… although I might struggle to believe you!) It reminds me of the Billy Elliott film too where he is dancing through the streets to it.
  10. Green Day – Minority: Yep, another Green Day one and like I said, no surprises there. I always struggle to pick favourite Green Day songs but I recently decided that Holiday is at the top, closely followed by Minority… both have to be played with the music on full blast!
  11. Hanson – Mmm Bop: No commentary needed, everyone loves Mmm Bop… I think!
  12. Whitney Houston – Queen of the Night: I’ve got most of Whitney’s greatest hits in my collection, love her to bits.
  13. Usher – U Remind Me: Years ago I used to love Usher but as the years have gone on and his music has changed so much, it’s not really for me anymore, still love a few of the old classic Usher songs though.
  14. Backstreet Boys – That’s What She Said: So this is where I am pretty weird – my favourite band of all time is Green Day, my second favourite band of all time is the Backstreet Boys. I don’t like having a rule book when it comes to music, I just listen to whatever the hell I want to listen to 🙂 and if anyone hasn’t heard this song I recommend giving it a listen because it is gorgeous!
  15. Sia – Alive: Fiiiiinally! A fairly newish song from me! Bloody love singing along to this one in the car, Sia is an amazing singer and has had some fab songs so far.


So I think you can tell from this list that I’m quite reminiscent when it comes to music. If I want to listen to what’s in the charts I just stick the radio on and so I like my own music collection to be a little different.



Megan Anne






Lucy Anna

If you’re interested, give it a go! 🙂


8 thoughts on “Shuffle the Music Tag – A Snippet of my Music Collection!

  1. You have a great taste in music 😉 I love The Jam, but my friend hates them 😲 so unfortunately, I am acquainted with such a person… 😂 You’re absolutely right about the Killers – I love their new stuff, but Spaceman will always be my favourite by them, so I was so pleased to see it in your tag. Great tag! x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This was such a good tag! Loved seeing the Killers on there. I actually was tagged in it too, my most recent post is all my shuffles if you’d like to check it out! Great post xx


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