Meet my British Shorthair Kitten

Everybody meet Bryan! He’s a British Blue and is 7 months old (Aug 17). He is also on Instagram and has way more followers than his Mummy! – He would love it if you followed him! – Bryan the British Blue

british shorthair blue

So I decided to post something different today and tell you a little bit about my kitten! I have always grown up around animals, mainly dogs and since moving out I have really missed having a furry friend around the house! I decided a dog would be a bad option for me because I work full time so instead opted for a cat. Take a look at my previous post to see how I decided on the breed etc. – Choosing a pedigree kitten

british shorthair blue

A lot of people ask me how he got his name – he is named after my Granddad and I also wanted to pick a name that was less common than the typical pet names. I brought him home in April when he was 13 weeks old, he was super nervous at first and seemed to struggle with his new surroundings. Because if this, I did what lots of people suggested and introduced him to all the rooms gradually and gave him his own safe space in one room that he could feel more relaxed in. Β It didn’t take long before he started to trust me and began sitting on my knee, purring away. His confidence has grown so much and he now basically rules the house!

british shorthair blue

Something I love about British Shorthairs – he acts more like a dog than cat! He always comes to greet me at the door when I arrive home and always likes to follow me around the house to see what I’m up to.

As I write this post he is fast asleep next to me, but as any cat owner will know, this is just the calm before the storm! It won’t be long before he is sprinting around the house, finding toys to play with and spiders to catch. He has lots of dangly toys too because it is great fun being able to play with him (or should I say, tire him out!)

british shorthair blue

I’ve learnt quickly that cats are very entertaining because of their inquisitive nature and I’m very much looking forward to watching him grow up and to see what type of adult cat he becomes… as well as how big he gets! Everyone says he is huge already but I can tell he still has a lot of growing to do!

Everyone said I would hate having something clutter up my tidy house but I have to say, a few toys lying around and a hoover full of fur are a small price to pay for the love you get from a cat or dog. If anyone is considering a pet but can’t decide, I would say go for it, a house really isn’t a home without one πŸ™‚

british shorthair blue

If anyone has created a similar blog post about their own pets, please let me know as I would love to read them!


8 thoughts on “Meet my British Shorthair Kitten

    1. The eye colour was actually something which drew me to British blues because they always have amber eyes 😍 They shine lighter in certain lights which I think is because his mum is a lilac and she has paler eyes x

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