Makeup I Regret Buying!

nyx maybelline rimmel mally collection smashbox

nyx maybelline rimmel mally collection smashbox

I was having a rummage through my makeup drawer today and realised that I’m being a bit of a hoarder, hanging on to products that I’ll never use again. I guess I was reeled in by all the fancy advertising for these products!

Here’s my list of makeup I regret buying –

  1. Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid Lipstick

I was so disappointed when I purchased these liquid lipsticks because I absolutely love the shades and think they suit me perfectly… but for Maybelline to describe them as matte is crazy. They don’t dry down at all and because of this they have absolutely no staying power, not what I’d expect from a liquid lipstick. At around £8 they aren’t particularly expensive, but when compared with the MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer at just £3, a product that dries down completely matte, the Maybelline ones can’t compete.

2. Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water

nyx maybelline rimmel mally collection smashbox

Hmmm, this is the strangest product I’ve ever purchased. It states that it’s infused with electrolytes to create the sheerest canvas for applying makeup, hydrate the skin and revitalise complexion to boost radiance… It seriously feels like spraying just plain and simple water on my face! It does nothing for me, my makeup doesn’t last whether used under makeup, over makeup or both. You’ll notice from the photo that I’ve actually used quite a lot of it and that’s because I did find a use for it, it saves me the short little trip to the bathroom to dampen my beauty blender… Yippee! £22 for a water spray bottle!

3. Collection Naturally Matt Foundation & Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation

nyx maybelline rimmel mally collection smashbox

I have grouped the foundations together because there really isn’t much to say about these, other than that they don’t work for me. I purchased the Collection foundation hoping that it might be as good a quality as their Lasting Perfection concealer, but no such luck. I think I purchased the Rimmel foundation after seeing Zoella rave about it and with a claim of 25 hour wear I thought it would surely last a typical 8 hour working day. Nope, both foundations went on nicely at first but didn’t last and before long my face was greasy with the foundation disappearing from my face!

4. Mally Poreless Face Defender

nyx maybelline rimmel mally collection smashbox

Confession time… I have a slightly worrying addiction to watching QVC! One of the big brands they advertise is Mally Beauty with this being one of the most popular products. It is designed to replace the use of powder to set foundation as well as blot away excess oil throughout the day.  At over £40 (inc p&p) I thought surely this product would work, right? Err, wrong. When first applied it definitely mattifies the face, but that feeling doesn’t last anywhere near as long as a typical powder.

5. NYX Shine Killer Primer

nyx maybelline rimmel mally collection smashbox

This product definitely doesn’t kill shine, it adds shine! Such a let down, I could tell as soon as I started applying my foundation that this wasn’t going to work. my foundation was very streaky as though it was sliding off my face and throughout the day my face was probably more oily than when I don’t use primer. A poor effort from NYX I’m afraid.


I suppose we can only learn what works for us by trying things out and I’m sure each of the products I’ve mentioned work for a lot of people, but unfortunately not for me. I’d be interested to find out which makeup products you regret buying too, feel free to leave a comment letting me know.

Thanks for reading x



18 thoughts on “Makeup I Regret Buying!

    1. Hmmm yep be careful if you’re looking to try that primer, maybe see if they do samples of it first!
      Oh lovely thank you! 😊 I’ll be sure to check out your post and add it to my planned posts x x


  1. It’s so annoying when makeup you buy just doesn’t live up to your standards, or what you have heard about them! I love Rimmel products, so I’ll make a mental note not to buy their foundation! I hate it when makeup leaves a greasy feeling on your skin! 😀 Great post!

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