My New Diary – How I Plan to Plan my Blog!

When I started this blog there was quite a few reasons for it. One of those being that I know how terrible I am at time management so wanted to push myself to improve this. I’ve never specifically advertised what days my blog posts will go up but in my head the plan was twice per week – Sunday and Wednesday. This worked pretty well to start with but I’m already slipping into bad habits of putting things off because I’m too tired or too busy.

So yesterday as I was wandering around Home Sense (mainly for a nosy at the new Halloween range) and I decided to have a rummage through the diaries/planners. I found one that I think will be perfect for organising my blog, amongst other things! So I thought I’d share it with you, just in case you’re looking for something similar.


The diary I found is A4 sized and has hard plastic covers on the front and back to keep it from getting damaged too easily. It is a 17 month calendar which runs until the end of 2018. My local store had a few designs to choose from and I went for the one with the quote – ‘2018 is a good year to have a good year’. let’s hope this can be a good omen and by this time next year I may have achieved some of my goals, hopes and dreams.

Once you get into the diary, there are so many different sections that you just can’t help but get excited over it! It begins with a personal information page and then moves onto a list of all the 2018 holidays. Here comes the only downside to the calendar – it’s clearly an American calendar (obviously not an issue for any Americans reading this) so there’s more emphasis on American holidays. No biggie though because the UK holidays are on there but I’ll just need to make sure I ignore the daylight savings time dates!


Next up is a double page with every date until the end of 2018 which is great for looking at your year as a whole. This is then followed by a double page monthly view calendar and finally… yes, you guessed it, a double page bi-weekly view calendar. So with all these options you have so much space to plan, make notes etc.


Once you get to the back of the diary you find all the fun little extras. First up is a ‘rate your year’ grid. Here you create a colour-coded key to say whether your day was a great day, a good day, a so so day, a bad day or a horrible day!


Up next is a ‘to-do list’ and a ‘not to-do list’, then comes the detailed budget tracker. This isn’t something I’ve ever done before but I think it would be useful to track all my outgoings so that I can see where I can save and basically stop wasting money on things I don’t need!


There’s a bucket list which runs over a double page so plenty of room for a very big list. There’s even some squared paper, although I’m not sure what I’d need this for! Last but not least is a huge selection of stickers to add to the calendar! There’s all sorts including birthdays, parties, meetings, lunch dates, appointments and so on.




And that’s everything, I really hope I can use this to be strict with myself and plan in advance when I am going to plan, write and photograph my blog posts. I think I’ll also use it to plan time to read others’ blogs on WordPress and Bloglovin and other things such as building my social media accounts.

As mentioned, I bought this diary from Home Sense so I would imagine it’s also available in some TK Maxx stores. It was only £7.99 which I think is an absolute bargain.

The company this originated from is Orange Circle Studio which, as I suspected is an American company.

Thanks for reading.

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9 thoughts on “My New Diary – How I Plan to Plan my Blog!

  1. I’ve just done the exact same thing a few days ago! I got a mustard yellow leather planner which has gold pineapples on it (its so cute!) from Home Sense. I’m hoping it will also help keep me organised (I have a LOT going on this year). The only downside is that it’s Italian so i have to search a little bit for the english words!

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