Testing Concealer – Max Factor Mastertouch Vs The Cult Favourite!

max factor mastertouch concealer

For quite some time now I’ve been using everyone’s favourite concealer – the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer and I’m a big fan. It gives excellent coverage as well as being pretty easy to apply and blend.

collection lasting perfection concealer

But recently, when I was picking up my Max Factor primer and foundation in Boots, the whole range was on 3 for 2 so I decided to give their Mastertouch All Day concealer a go. I picked up the shade 303 Ivory (which has some warmth to it so I’m not sure ivory is a good way to describe it!) When buying the Collection concealer I tend to pick the lightest shade in order to brighten my under-eyes but because I was trying something new I decided to colour match to my skin tone. I quite like the look this gives as it just makes your skin look smooth and flawless.

max factor mastertouch concealer

Whilst writing this review I have been playing with both concealers on the back of my hand to see if they oxidise. The Collection one does oxidise a little but I’m quite shocked to see that the Max Factor one has drastically changed colour so be wary of this when selecting your colour. If I re-purchase I think I will look out for a lighter shade. I’m also comparing the finish of them next to each other – Max Factor’s concealer leaves a lovely, matte finish and has dried completely down whereas the Collection one has stayed slightly tacky. The coverage of the Collection concealer is full and Max Factor’s is more ‘medium to full’ in my opinion. I’m preferring the slightly lighter coverage because, as we all know, the Collection concealer can be a little ‘cakey’ if you’re not careful, whereas I can feel confident that the Max Factor one will still last all day but doesn’t cake or crease.

collection and max factor concealer

Max Factor Mastertouch comes in a pen style packaging which you twist to release the product through the sponge applicator. Not everyone’s cup of tea for hygiene reasons but I quite like it because there’s no mess and I never accidentally apply too much! The packaging is a little deceiving – I would’ve thought it’d have concealer all the way to the bottom of the gold bit but it turns out that there is only concealer in the clear part so I’m not sure this is going to last very long. You definitely get a lot more for your money with Collection’s concealer.

collection and max factor concealer

The Verdict

There is no clear winner for me on this one because I like them both for different reasons so we’ll have to call it a Draw!

I’ll continue with the Max Factor concealer for my everyday make up because of the lighter coverage and more natural colour, whereas I’ll still use the Collection concealer for nights out when I’m looking for a full coverage, brightening finish.

It’s no wonder the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer has become a cult classic because it really does have a place in everyone’s make up bag doesn’t it!

Thanks for reading x


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