Birchbox Vs Roccabox – Comparing Beauty Boxes

I decided to do an extra post this week to follow on from my recent beauty box unboxings – Birchbox and Roccabox.

I subscribed to Birchbox a few months back and to start with I was really enjoying it. Every box had interesting things to try and had a good mix of makeup, skincare and high end products. However, the September box was a big let down (and I know I’m not the only want who thought this) the products weren’t very exciting and it really just didn’t seem to be worth the money. My first thought was to just cancel straight away but in the end I decided to give Birchbox one more go as well as testing out another beauty box for October. The plan was then to pick the best one and stick with that for next month.

I asked for advice on Twitter to help me find a box that’s in a similar price range to Birchbox and the overwhelming response was Glossybox! I’ve heard lots of good things about Glossybox, the sample sizes are usually bigger than Birchbox and you’re less likely to get repeated items with them.

I hung around at the beginning of the month to see what people were getting in their Glossyboxes but I was pretty underwhelmed by their edit this month. There was a silicone brush cleaner which I found pretty boring and a lot of people said they had technically duplicated products because there was a blush that doubled up as a lip balm but they had also included a pink lip balm.

So that was Glossybox out of the window and I decided to go with Roccabox, I’ve heard Youtubers such as Lightning Lass and Lucy Purtface talk about this one so thought it was worth a go. I decided not to search out any spoilers for the Roccabox.


My Birchbox arrived first in the month and this was actually a really good one in my opinion, I think they’ve completely redeemed themselves! The box is gorgeous and all the products are very usable. There was another quirky product – a dry shampoo paste which was fun to try, a Balance Me face wash which is a brand I’m starting to love and I liked the idea that they were recognising Breast Cancer Awareness month.

When my Roccabox arrived, I’ve got to say that I was disappointed by the box itself, it was an average quality, plain white box which had got a little damaged in the post, the brand label was also just a sticker so you really don’t get the luxurious feel you get from other beauty boxes. However, I suppose the products are the most important thing and these were definitely a good selection. I particularly liked the Buxom mascara and the Bliss face wash/makeup remover. There was an item missing in my box but they were quick to sort so can’t argue with that.

If you’ve got this far you’ll probably have gathered that I was fairly impressed with both boxes but this makes my decision of which subscription to keep even trickier! I think the truth is that they are all good (including Glossybox) but obviously can’t please everyone every month.


The Verdict (November spoiler)

I’ve decided to stick with Birchbox for now, it’s definitely the one that I find most exciting and I like the fact that they do a few different versions so people get slightly different things. They’re also collaborating with Vogue next month and I’ve heard rumblings of a 6 month Vogue subscription so that should be fun.

I’m sure I’ll give Roccabox another go at some point but hopefully they will improve the look of their boxes. I also haven’t ruled out Glossybox at some point. You never know, maybe one day my budget might be able to justify getting all three, but not for now 🙂

I’d be interested to hear what your favourite subscription boxes are, feel free to leave a comment.

Thanks for reading x

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4 thoughts on “Birchbox Vs Roccabox – Comparing Beauty Boxes

    1. Hmm I understand what you mean. Have you ever thought of trying something like Love Me Beauty? Theirs is slightly different where you get given credits and you choose the items that you’ll receive that month. There’s also the Feel unique Pick & Mix sample service. At least then you can make sure you only pick items for sensitive skin 👍🏻 thanks for reading x


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