Christmas Homeware Haul (HomeSense, Dunelm, Wilko and more)

We’re fast approaching the festive season and it’s most definitely my favourite time of the year for home decor. I tend to have a tree, some garlands and various ornaments dotted around. My theme is mainly woodland which has been a key trend in the last few years, I also add a touch of duck egg blue to tie it in with my lounge theme.

I’ve decided this year to add a bit more sparkle so have been on the look out for some gold, glittery ornaments. I’ve managed to get hold of some bits which I think will be perfect for that, as well as some other things that I just couldn’t resist!

Christmas homeware haul

Here’s what I’ve picked up so far –


I was surprised by the Christmas range at Wilko, they have so many nice things and at such bargain prices! The main colour themes they had were gold, rose gold, silver, red and white so possibly something for everyone. I picked up a set of 9 small baubles which were just £1! I also got some glittery stags and leaves which were also just £1 each and the final thing was some porcelain discs with a gold leaf pattern on them, they were £2 each. I’m so excited to brighten up my tree with these!


We all know how amazing HomeSense can be for finding quirky and unique home decor so I recently visited the Preston store. They seem to have gone all out this year for Christmas, there was so many things to choose from. The tree decorations were mainly silver and they also had a huge section of vintage style ornaments and quirky lighting. I was quite restrained in HomeSense and only picked up two things which were gold toned metal ornaments on a marble stand, they had lots of variations of these and they were another bargain at only £6 and £8 each. For anyone that doesn’t know, I got a kitten this year (Meet my British Shorthair) so one thing I’m having to be careful about is picking ornaments that could be easily knocked over and/or broken so these should be perfect because they are very heavy and I doubt he’d be able to knock them over!


Dunelm have some lovely things this year, I picked up some geometric ornaments and some festive twigs. Everything is reasonably priced and if you have a few stores near you I would suggest visiting more than one because they seem to be stocking different parts of the range. A well as the individual ornaments they’ve also got some huge packs of baubles which look good quality and are lovely colours.

The Range

Although I’ve only picked up a couple of things from The Range this year, it’s the place I would recommend the most because they have a huge selection and it’s probably the only place that you could find enough things in each theme to decorate a full tree. When I was first decorating my tree I picked up loads and everything is priced well, they’ve also got a good selection of artificial trees and lighting as always.


And the rest…

Matalan have some lovely items, I picked up a couple of garlands with acorns and pine cones which I’ll be wrapping around my garlands. These were £4 each which I thought was really good because I’ve seen very similar items in the garden centres for more than double the price!


B&M is perfect for bulk buying baubles etc. as they have some many different colours. I just picked up a pack of glittery pine cones and again was really pleased by the price of £2.49 for 12 because the garden centres are charging much more.


Barton Grange (near Preston) is my favourite garden centre to visit at Christmas, they go all out with their displays and have lots of themes in order to cater for everyone. I picked up three leaf ornaments which are sort of like twigs (if that makes sense) which are sprayed gold and very glittery.  I also got two cute little figurines… they in no way match my theme but I didn’t care, they were cute and I wanted them!

If you’re in the North West of England and a big fan of Christmas home-ware shopping I would also recommend Botany Bay, Hayes Garden World, Bents Garden & Home and Dobbies because these are all the places I’ve bought things from in the past and have really good ranges.

Thanks for reading and I hope you’re all looking forward to Christmas this year!

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