My Christmas Decorations 2017

December is finally here so we’re now officially on countdown to Christmas! It’s my favourite time of the year for home decor and I couldn’t wait trim up, so much so that I actually did it at the end of November (I figure since it’s so much effort to decorate the house that I might as well get the absolute most out of it!)


I’ve been taking lots of photos of my living room so thought it would be nice to share them with you. My main theme is woodland with cream and gold. I have a slim 7 foot tree which fits perfectly in the space available. I was actually hoping to get a new tree this year, but as it’s my first year with a kitten I decided to wait and see how he reacts to it!

If you’re wondering where my decorations are from, the vast majority come from the stores mentioned in this post – Christmas Homeware Haul

For the last few years I’ve been contemplating going for a kitsch tree with multi-coloured lights and quirky ornaments but I can’t really justify how much it would cost to buy a full set of new decorations. So, instead I opted for a small tree to sit at the top of the stairs, I picked up a set of fairy lights from The Range and the baubles came from eBay which are a mixture of burgundy, pink and light gold. I love the effect this gives when I walk up the stairs and it really takes me back to Christmas in the 90s when everyone still had multi-coloured lights, it gives such a cosy feel to the house.

This a shorter post than normal but I hope you like it, I’ve been really enjoying seeing other people’s Christmas decorations so I decided to share too!


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