Desenio – Scandanavian Wall Art Review

I moved into my first home just under three years ago and really enjoyed decorating each room to my taste. I kept all the walls neutral with the idea that when I get bored of the theme it will be quick (and inexpensive) to change. That time has come so I decided to start with the wall art!

My Lounge

My lounge has a colour theme of duck egg blue and when I first moved in I found a large matching canvas from The Range which created a focal point in the room. I can’t really grumble because it was such a reasonable price and filled up an otherwise boring wall… but I always felt it looked pretty standard and didn’t say a lot, if that makes sense.

Desenio Website

That’s when I came across the Desenio website and began looking for prints that grabbed by attention. They have so much choice with a variety of themes, styles and sizes and I think the website is fab because they have lots of inspiring images to help you create your gallery wall. Browsing the website I felt like a kid in a candy shop, everything looked amazing but the section I was most drawn to was ‘nature’, more specifically the forest scenes. You’ll see if you visit the website, that once that decision was made I still had some narrowing down to do!

Quick Tip

If you’re creating a gallery wall I would highly recommend creating a simple scale drawing on paper to work out how you would like to place them, this then helps you choose prints based on the sizes you need.

Discount Codes

I was lucky enough to find a 40% discount code at the time of ordering – the best way to find one is to have a rummage around Twitter because a lot of bloggers and youtubers seem to have Desenio discount codes, none of them last very long though so double check the dates.

My Bedroom

My bedroom is themed with mauve which I am still happy with, but never found any wall art for over my bed so with my discount code in hand I picked out a couple of prints that matched perfectly.


I decided not to purchase frames from Desenio, no major reason other than I felt it would be easier to pick some up from my local The Range store. Price-wise, the Desenio frames are a little more expensive, but with a discount code they probably work out similar which is good.

My Order

Ordering was very simple and I was impressed with the fast delivery time, everything comes well packed with no chance of it getting damaged in transit.


The Result

I’m so happy with the look of my new prints, they have completely transformed both rooms. The lounge looks more modern and sleek and I’m now in the process of switching out the rest of my duck-egg coloured items with brown and forest green. In the bedroom, it’s amazing what a difference it has made adding two prints to the room, it has brought everything together perfectly. I would highly recommend Desenio to anyone looking to spruce up their home decor, there really is something for everyone!

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