Testing Sheet Masks | Soap & Glory and Garnier

I recently picked up a couple of sheet masks because my skin is feeling beyond repair at the moment. I have combination skin with really dry patches but it gets oily very quickly, the texture of my skin isn’t great and I’ve got visibly pores (yep, an absolute mess!)

I’ve been trying to be good lately and am moisturising my skin more often, to add to that I thought it would be a good idea to inject some moisture with sheet masks. I usually lean towards a good old-fashioned face mask that you apply with your hands or a brush but since everyone raves about sheet masks these days I thought I’d see if they’re worth the hype.


My first pick was the Soap & Glory Radiance-Boosting Mask from Boots – I was drawn to this one because it says it’s for dull, lacklustre skin. This one has a lovely fragrance (as do all their products) and feels really refreshing while it’s on. The mask itself fits well and is easy to manoeuvre to fit the contours of your face. When I removed the mask I massaged the remaining serum into the skin and left it on overnight. My skin felt refreshed and plumped the morning after so I definitely agree with its claims. They recommend to use it alongside their vitamin C Brightening Cocktail so I’m very tempted to give that a try too.


The following week I went on to test the Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask, also from Boots. This one intrigued me because of its very unusual claims! It states that as well as hydrating the skin, it also mattifies which sounds impossible to me. This mask was much harder to apply than the previous one because the holes were much smaller so I had to stretch it across my face more. While wearing it my face started itching in certain spots so I worry that it wouldn’t be suitable for people with sensitive skin. However, I persevered and left the remaining serum on overnight again. First thing to clear up is that it definitely doesn’t mattify the skin but because I didn’t expect that to be true anyway it doesn’t particularly bother me. My skin felt very hydrated and it improved my complexion – so much so that I even left the house without makeup on the day after!


The Verdict

Both masks were good in their own ways – the Soap & Glory mask is great for a pamper night and more comfortable to wear whereas I couldn’t really move in the Garnier one with it being so small. Then there’s the tingling sensation which I didn’t get at all from the Soap & Glory mask, although they do have another mask in the range which is for sensitive skin. Garnier wins on the most noticeable result though as well as the fact that it’s half the price at £1.99.

I can see why sheet masks have become so popular for a quick injection of moisture and would love to try more. If anyone has any recommendations I’d love to hear them.


Thanks for reading x



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