Birchbox March 2018 Review (and My Thoughts on Benefit BadGal Bang Mascara)


The theme for this month’s Birchbox is mindfulness – the importance of taking time for yourself and following the slogan ‘Be present, not perfect’. Here’s what I got in the box –


BLAQ Peel-off Mask – RRP £14

These types of masks are all over the internet at the moment so I was really looking forward to trying this one out. I saw some reviews that said this one doesn’t really remove blackheads but wanted to see for myself. I would recommend applying this product with a flat makeup brush because it’s very sticky and gloopy. I applied it all over my T-zone in an even layer. After 20 minutes I peeled it off and was pleased that it wasn’t painful at all, it left my skin slightly red but this soon faded. With it coming off so easily I couldn’t imagine it removing any blackheads but to my surprise it had actually captured quite a lot. I see where other reviewers are coming from though because I definitely wouldn’t say it removes as much as a good old-fashioned nose pore strip does but the downside to those is that you can only apply it to one area whereas you can apply the mask to any problem area you may have.

I’d love to try some other similar brands to compare but for now I’ll definitely get my use out of this one and will probably make it a weekly mask in my skincare routine.

BLAQ Birchbox

Manna Kadar Bronzer & Highlighter Duo – Full Size – RRP £17

First things first… This product is tiny! I’m not sure how Manna Kadar can make such tiny full size products and charge such inflated prices for them. The packaging is very basic so although I don’t know much about the brand, I don’t see it as ‘high-end’.

Then comes the next problem, the product is so small that I don’t understand how you would ever get a bronzer brush in there! I can’t comment on the product itself because I’ve decided to pass it on to someone who will get more use out of it than me. The bronzer looks quite dark and warm-toned so would be good for someone with tanned skin who wants to deepen up their look. The highlighter has some shimmer to it but looks like it would be good for lightening up areas of the face, rather than giving a flash of shine.

Manna Kadar Birchbox

Oribe Wave and Shine Spray – RRP £36

This product is designed for people who like the beach wave look but don’t like the crispy feel you can sometimes get from a lot of salt sprays.

It has a gorgeous scent and definitely makes my hair shinier. I’ve been using it in place of hairspray after I curl my hair and it helps me loosen the curls up while giving a little bit of hold too.

A lovely product which I will get lots of use out of… just a shame on the RRP because I don’t think I could purchase a hair product that costs £36 unfortunately.

Oribe Birchbox

Baija Body Scrub – RRP £14.90

This body scrub is to die for! It smells good enough to eat and it’s a really coarse scrub so it leaves the skin feeling extremely smooth after use. It’s key ingredients include shea and honey (no wonder it smells so good!)

I also think it’s a nice touch that it comes in a glass jar so you get a sense of the luxury feel even from the sample size and it should last for quite a few uses. This will be one I’ll purchasing the full size of and I also think it would be great to gift too because it’s a reasonable price for such a good quality body scrub.

Baija Birchbox

Benefit BADgal BANG! Mascara – RRP £21.50

So here’s the one that everyone’s been raving about! I’ve got to say, well done Birchbox for getting this into everyone’s March box so soon after it’s release. Benefit products don’t come cheap so I love the fact that we get to try out this massively hyped product.

The idea of this mascara is that they’ve incorporated lightweight particles into the formula so that you can build and thicken your lashes without weighing them down. I agree with this claim  because my lashes looked very lifted after application. However, this mascara won’t be for everyone and it’s definitely not for me – it’s very clumpy so a good one for people who like the ‘spidery’ look but I also found that you need to be careful because if you apply to much it goes way beyond spidery and starts to look a little crazy!

Benefit also claim this mascara will last 36 hours… why would anyone need mascara to last this long???

Benefit BadGal Bang Birchbox

Overall this a fab box and Birchbox have done a brilliant job so far this year, every box has been well worth the money and has included a good variety of products.

In the April box everyone will receive a baked highlighter from Model Co (which I’m sure will stomp all over the Manna Kadar highlighter from this month!)

Thanks for reading

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