Jordan’s Skinny Syrups – Sugar Free, Carb Free, Syn Free!

jordan's skinny syrups

As I’m writing this post it’s Easter Sunday so I hope everyone’s having a lovely Easter and long weekend. Also, here’s hoping nobody got April Fooled!

On a recent trip to my local Home Sense (part of TK Maxx for anyone who hasn’t heard of it) I came across this range of sugar free coffee syrups. They’re from a brand called Jordan’s which is an American company. The syrups can be bought individually but I got the syrup trio for £6.99 which includes salted caramel, mocha and vanilla.

Then I spotted (what, at first, looked like a huge tub of handwash!) the whipped foam topping in caramel. I’ve never seen anything like this before but you basically just pump it straight onto the top of your coffee for an extra sweet hit. This cost £4.99.

jordan's skinny syrups

I’ve tried out all three of the syrups and I think my favourite is the salted caramel, it’s very sweet but doesn’t have too much of a false sweetener taste. The suggested serving is 30ml but this was way to sweet for me with all the syrups so I generally put about 10ml into my coffee. My least favourite (but still not bad) is the vanilla syrup because this one definitely does have a bit of a false taste. These syrups can also be used for other things such as sweetening up your porridge or drizzling over fruit and desserts.

jordan's skinny syrups

The whipped foam topping is a game-changer! It transforms a boring old coffee into a Costa/Starbucks style drink. I like the fact that this topping makes a perfect base to add your favourite sprinkles to the top (cinnamon for me). You can add as much of the foam as you like, I just use about three pumps in general. There are so many different flavours including irish cream, pumpkin spice, marshmallow and maple bourbon so I’ll be looking out for more flavours next time I’m in Home Sense or TK Maxx.

The products are all gluten free, kosher and 0 calories. Although they don’t hold any nutritional value they will be great for so many diets when you are just craving something sweet. They’re also good for anyone who (a little like myself) have a bit of an addiction to the big-named coffee shops!

To get hold of these products yourself I would first recommend checking out your nearest Home Sense and if they don’t have any in stock, do some shopping around on the internet. I’ve seen them on a number of websites (including Amazon which I’ve linked below) but they all vary in price so don’t just go for the first website you spot.

I’d love to hear from anyone who has tried some of the other flavours or has found some  interesting uses for them.

If you’d like to try these syrups for yourself, follow this link – Skinny Syrups Trio

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(Please note that this post contains an affiliate link which means I receive a small commission from purchases made through that link. All views are my own and I am always 100% honest about the products I review… if I don’t like something, I will say!)

jordan's skinny syrups

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