Pink Parcel Unboxing/Review June 2018 (plus a birthday surprise!)

Pink Parcel is a period subscription box. Each month you receive your preference of pads and/or tampons, plus a few pantyliners and they aim to post it to you a few days before your period. How convenient is that?! As I’m sure you’ll have guessed, I don’t need to unbox these for you, after all, we all know what to expect from sanitary products! Just a quick overview though – inside the Pink Parcel box you’ll receive a pouch filled with pads/tampons which is designed to throw into your handbag, an additional box to keep you going all week, plus a box of night pads. I would say there is definitely enough for most women but something that I thought was brilliant about last month’s box was that they included a pre-paid envelope for you to send back any unused products which they would then donate to charities for distribution to women who don’t have access to sanitary products. However, I’m not sure if this was a one-off for May because there was no envelope in this month’s box which is a shame.

With each Pink Parcel you also receive a ‘For You’ box which is filled with beauty and lifestyle treats. The thing I like most about the treats is that some of them are pretty quirky compared to your average beauty subscription box (you’ll see what I mean!).

Worth the hype?

I’ve read some negative reviews surrounding period subscription boxes which say that we shouldn’t be making women feel that periods are such a bad thing that we need to be sent goodies to be able to survive it. At first it really got me thinking, I mean, it’s definitely a good point and shows that periods are being commercialised… but then I thought you know what, this is so typical of the modern world – why do we over-analyse everything?! If we want a box filled with chocolate, tea bags, face masks etc. delivered to your door each month then what’s the big deal?

In fairness to Pink Parcel, the company promote some great causes (like the charity donation mentioned earlier) and this month is about celebrating the centenary of women’s right to vote and an extra touch is that all the products are from female-founded brands. So sod the negative people, if you like the idea just give the subscription a try!

Happy birthday to me!

It was my birthday this week and I was surprised to receive a huge chocolate bar in the post from Pink Parcel. I’ve heard of other subscription boxes offering birthday discount codes for their online shop, let’s face it though, you can’t beat a free bar of chocolate!

Pink Parcel Chocolate

Here are the products included this month – 

Vitamasque marine gold mask, a luxurious korean inspired sheet mask which is made with real gold and marine collagen for a plumping effect on the skin. These retail at £5.99.

The Organic Pharmacy antioxidant lip balm infused with shea butter, pomegranate, rose hip and vitamin E. It has a lovely fragrance and isn’t too greasy so that will be going straight into my handbag. This isn’t full size but it’s a huge sample so can’t complain.

The Beauty Crop liquid lipstick in ‘Piedaho’ which is a long-wearing matte formula. The shade is very dark but I have to say, I’m not a big fan of this brand and unfortunately this lipstick hasn’t changed my mind. It’s quite drying and isn’t pigmented enough. I would recommend making sure you moisturise before applying and build the colour with a couple of coats.

Marvis cinnamon mint toothpaste. Yes, you read that right, a cinnamon flavoured toothpaste! (now you see what I mean about the quirky items!) It claims to be a whitening formula and fights bad breath, I love anything cinnamon flavoured, although never thought I’d be trying it in toothpaste!

Bandzee hair bobbles – Suffragettes edition. A lovely item for this month, each bobble has a different slogan/pattern relating to votes for women. These are £6.95 to buy so I’m really pleased with these because my invisibobbles are beyond repair at the moment.


Teapigs snooze – sleepy tea. This is a caffeine free blend of apple, lavender and chamomile.

Montezuma’s Minted milk chocolate with crunchy peppermint. I’ll have to admit, this chocolate bar is long gone and it was delicious! Although, I think I’d struggle to find a chocolate bar I don’t like.


The value of the box is way over the £12.99 subscription cost so if you’re a fan of trying out new things and don’t get too wrapped up in whether they are ‘worth the hype’ then embrace the commercialism and give it a go ha ha!

Thanks for reading

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