Have You Tried the Triyit Box?

Triyit Box

A few months ago I saw a few people post about a new product discovery box called Triyit where they received a box of full-sized products to try out for free, so I decided to give it a go. Here’s a quick post for anyone that hasn’t heard of it yet.

Triyit Box

Triyit is marketed as a way of helping people discover new products and brands they may not have heard of before. So far I’ve seen a beauty/skincare box and a food and drink box so it looks like there’s lots of variety. The first step is to head to www.triyit.co.uk where you will be asked to create a profile and answer a few questions about your lifestyle and household (this is to make sure they only send you boxes that will be relevant to you). It’s very quick and easy to do and once the survey is complete, all that’s left to do is wait to be matched to a campaign (although I must add that there’s no guarantee you’ll receive any boxes).

A couple of weeks ago I was sent an email informing me that I’d been selected for the latest campaign and a few days later it arrived. The items are all food related and are themed around eating healthier in the new year. The box also includes some discount vouchers to pass on to friends and family and a campaign booklet with instructions on what to do next.

The only compulsory requirement of receiving Triyit boxes is that you complete the feedback survey which is sent to you via email shortly after the box arrives, if you don’t complete it you won’t be eligible for any more boxes. However, the campaign booklet also gives you ways of earning extra ‘priority points’ which helps you get to the front of the queue for more Triyit boxes. To earn the points you follow the instructions for promoting the individual products, this is done through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube profiles and each brand incorporates a giveaway (e.g. everyone who posts about their Graze superfood bite will have the chance of winning a £100 Amazon voucher and 1 month’s supply of Graze snacks). I won’t be posting about every item, purely because I only promote products that I love so I’ll just be picking out my favourites… but if you were to post about every product on every platform then you could earn a huge amount of points and entries!

I think this is such a nifty idea because it allows us to try new (and sometimes unusual) products for free but it also gives the brands the exposure they need in order to grow their business. Everyone’s a winner!

My favourite product in this box was the Nix and Kix drink flavoured with mango, ginger and cayenne. It’s low calorie, natural and vegan friendly. Another good one was the Well and Truly baked corn snacks. They’re gluten free and low fat, I’d say they are comparable to Nik Naks and they’re that good I can’t believe they’re gluten free!

I suggest you head over to www.triyit.co.uk to join the club and make sure you’re in line for the next product discovery box. Why not, it’s free!

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